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Kemper profile pack for the OMEGA AMP-WORKS OBSIDIAN & GRANOPHYRE 100w all tube amplifiers. Due to the versatility of these amps, we wanted to go beyond just one profile setting of each and decided to create presets based on iconic guitar tones from artists/bands over the years. These presets will help you dial in your tones with a better starting point and more natural character.

So why not just dial in the Kemper EQ based on a standard amp profile? While the Kemper is amazing at capturing an accurate tone and response of one setting, the EQ changes do not function the same as the real amps. Simple EQ changes on our amps can change the character, response, and feel. Adjusting one EQ band will slightly affect the character of the others (i.e. turning up the bass will decrease mids and increase high frequencies, and vice versa). These presets help put you closer to your tonal goals, and let you experience all that the OBSIDIAN & GRANOPHYRE have to offer.

As we wanted to make sure that you get the best sound for live and studio use, we have included a simple "STUDIO EQ" on all profile presets.  These EQ's mimics some of the most common frequencies that are cut and boosted for live and studio mixes (Of course these are just a starting point).  Why didn't we incorporate a PRE-EQ and within the profiling process to get that "STUDIO" grade tone?  We wanted to allow you to personalize these profiles to your personal tastes, and this allows you to turn off or change the EQ and dial in your tone in the raw, without outside coloration.  As Studio tone does not necessarily translate well in a live mix, this will also allow you to create presets for both settings. We did this with OD/Boost pedals on our custom presets as well.  Due to the Kemper's ability to accept OD and boost pedals in the front end, we wanted to make sure you could disable the built in OD and use your own, or tweak the settings accordingly, again with minimal coloration of the raw Profile.  We believe this will expand your tone shaping capabilities and allow you to find your perfect sound.  Now stop reading and go start riffing!